Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In my natural habitat...

The husby grabbed the camera this morning and shot this photo of me, in my natural habitat. 
In the living room, folding laundry (can only be done when Ella is napping), surrounded by Ella's mess and catching up on episodes of 'Hart of Dixie' on my laptop. 
I know you're loving my outfit, spandex and black tee - fresh from my morning work out. 

Speaking of working out. . . that's going pretty good so far. I've lost a few pounds. 

Also, I wanted to share this delightful snack/brunch/lunch with you. 


I love cucumbers. I always over populate our salads with them. I was excited to find this "pin." I tried out my own little version this morning, partially peeling the cucumber, adding some laughing cow cheese and some turkey lunch meat. Delicious and under 100 calories. Sa-weet! 

I think these photos explain the method pretty well.  

Then I was reminded of this "pin" I had repinned 30 weeks ago.... gonna have to try that variation, too! 

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