Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snow baby

We woke up to a bunch of fresh white stuff Monday morning and it kept snowing until noon. 

So, after El's morning snooze I decided to take her out in it. For a bit she just sat there, moving her legs back and forth in the snow. I tried to lay her back to do a snow angel, but her face looked like she was being tortured. So I sat her back up. Eventually she tried to crawl, but it was so deep and she had on so many layers that she kind of gave up. Plus, she got distracted by the snow. 

And eventually she was just doing this for extended periods of time..... 
 sampling the snow! 
She seriously had her head down so much I had like ten photos of her in this pose. 

A few bites later she was ready to be out of the snow. So, we went inside and I quickly took her out of the snowy clothing and shook it out. She went around picking up all the clumps of snow and eating them - a handy girl, that one. 

I also slipped and fell on my arse for the first time since I lived in Rexbrrrrrg. 
Luckily, it didn't hurt so much, must be all that extra stuffing I got going on in back since I got married and had a kid. 

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