Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Okay, but seriously....

Have you heard about the mom who got arrested for letting her kids play outside without her direct supervision?

One blog I read about the incident suggested that she, too, would've called the cops on the mom if she saw the children, 9 and 6, playing alone.

I pretty much think that's insane. It's a huge reason why I am a "rural" housewife and why I hope to always be living in a small town or city where my kids can play outside!

I grew up playing outside without my mom's direct supervision. I went on many adventures with cousins and friends. I was active, I was outside, I was using my brain, I was getting dirty and sometimes hurt or sunburned, but I was living!

I also hear so many stories about my father-in-law's family playing outside when they were growing up in Central Oregon. Apparently there was a piece of property close by their house that hadn't been developed yet. They called it "Cowboy Country." So many adventures happened on that mound of dirt there are actually books written by family members of all the tales (some tall) that happend while playing outside without direct supervision.

Furthermore, I'm pretty sure none of these kids' parents were with them 100% of the time. And if they were, they'd never have had quite the adventures that these kids did. 

Okay, so these stores are obviously for film and are fiction, but I think they exist and we love them because we can relate and had similar stories of our own. And if you couldn't relate or didn't have some silly stories from childhood, well then, I pity you and that's exactly what I want to avoid in the childhoods of my children.  

Call me negligent, but I expect my children to play outside and not always within my line of direct vision. It'll be good for my sanity and for my children's development and independence. Just warning my future neighbors - you might want to get the cops or Child Protective Servies on your speed dial.

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