Sunday, January 27, 2013


Aren't Sundays treats? I move they be renamed Sundaes. 

Anyhoosier, I don't have very much to say. 

Did you know you can roast red potatoes in the crock pot? It's a great concept if you want to be cooking something in the oven at a different temperature, like say, a meatloaf. I basically followed this recipe, but I think mine turned out way prettier (and probably tastier, I am sure). 


And they were delicious! I think I liked them better than any roasted potatoes I've done in the oven. 

The diet/exercise regimen has been going well. So far, I'm down six pounds. Yay! However, the sudden move from couch potato baby chaser to running on a treadmill has spurred some minor pains, in my left big toe and in my right knee. So, I'll be doing cycling for a few days - which is annoying because it isn't as efficient at burning calories as running - and time is money! 

Anyway, do you love sushi? I sure does. 
I made banana sushi, which isn't nearly as gross or weird as it sounds. 


And while we're talking about food, you might as well make these, because I did yesterday and they were above average.

And for your entertainment:



winklerkn said...

If Ella was blue in that picture she would look just like Megamind!!

Dj^2 said...

Have you looked into minimalist running? It's supposed to help with the aches and pains in running. If you're interested I can share some links, I went to a run clinic and the speaker was great!