Friday, January 4, 2013

The best part of waking up.... bedhead.

This is the most crazy I've ever seen E's hair. I couldn't stop laughing. 

Also, now that it's January, I'm totally over winter. Ready for some spring! 
Too bad winter officially began only like 16 days ago. Crap. 

In the mean time, I open up my blinds in the mornings when there is blue sky and pretend spring is nearly here. 

Plus, with the holidays gone and the cold settled in, it forces you to think about inside projects - like organizing. 

I have a few projects I can get done while the weather is a brisk 20 degrees as a high. 

Plus, E's first birthday is in six, SIX, days and her first birthday party is in eight. 
Plenty I could do for that. 

But, Hart of Dixie on Netflix is calling my name - so maybe I'll get to all that productive stuff later. 

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